Leftists in the Mainstream Media seem to be delighted that one of the national leaders they have been cheerleading for this year has been been given this status, but it doesn’t necessarily mean what they think it does.

Says the NY Daily News:

The Person of the Year doesn’t have to be well-liked. Every year, Time magazine picks the person — or sometimes the people or the thing — that shaped the world the most, and names them its Person of the Year. But the award isn’t just about positive social impact: evildoers, scandalous figures and ideas at the center or raging debates have all been granted the year’s top honor.

Indeed: past recipients have included Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mark Zuckerberg.

And Leftists won’t have been so excited about the award being given to Vladimir Putin in 2007 and Donald Trump in 2016.

An Irish MEP comments on the Zelensky regime here (1:11 clip)