by Steve Kirsch

Everyone reading this should request an autopsy that uses techniques described in the peer-reviewed scientific literature to see if it was covid ‘vaccine’ related.

Journalist Grant Wahl Dead at 48 After Collapsing at the World Cup

Grant Wahl, age 49, “dies suddenly.”

Cause of death? Unknown.

Was it ‘vaccine’ related?

We know he was ‘vaccinated’ because he was proud of it:


We now know the covid ‘vaccine’ is the most likely cause of sudden death for those who have been ‘vaccinated’.

See this news story on the vaccine-related Covid deaths and this FOX News segment featuring Peter McCullough.

Bottom line:

We now know that the covid ‘vaccines’ CAUSE “sudden death” because it is now documented in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

We also now know exactly what to look for in the autopsy because the process, which enables pathologists to link the vaccine and sudden death, was fully described in the paper which was written by top pathologists in Germany.

Why not eliminate the vaccine as the cause of his death by doing the same tests? This will reduce vaccine hesitancy.

If we continue the same pattern of refusing to do autopsies for these mystery deaths, we will never know the cause and they will keep happening over and over again until we have the courage to look for the cause.

How you can help

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If you are connected to Greg’s family please suggest this to them so we can prevent others from dying.


I just found this:

Now check out her twitter profile picture. That image says it all:

This means she isn’t going to want to know. So we will never know. So more people will die because people don’t want to know what is killing people.