by Geoffrey Churchman

Against my better judgement, I watched the approximately one hour of mutual ego-massaging by Zelensky and his counterparts in Jacindaland this morning as it was broadcast on the Parliament TV channel.

If anyone wanted to be profoundly depressed by the types of people in NZ’s parliament where Globalist-Leftists occupy about two thirds of the seats at present, it would have done the job.

The Jacinda government narrative was predictable as it was almost identical to that of Washington Joe and his hench-people. Yes, it’s all Putin’s fault, the Obama administration never overthrew a pro-Russian government and replaced it in 2014 with a pro-American one, there are no Neo-Nazi military formations terrorising the population in both Ukrainian and Russian speaking areas of the country who don’t side with the regime; the Biden administration never provoked the Russians for a year once Joe was in the Oval Office; all the orchestrated atrocity propaganda is true; there is no corruption in Ukraine and the $100 billion in cash and armaments that Joe has sent the regime are all accounted for.

Of course, Comrade Jacinda can’t resist a virtue signaling opportunity and announced she was giving Zelensky another 3 million NZ taypayer dollars! At least the gratitude for money, of which Zelensky and his cronies are inordinately fond, would have been genuine, unlike the sickening hypocrisy by Comrade Jacinda and James Shaw, the latter unbelievably claiming he believed in non-violent conflict resolution! My, my.

Unfortunately Chris Luxon and David Seymour were little better, not to be outdone and indulged in virtue signaling platitudes of their own. Maybe they are genuinely misinformed, but it’s a better bet they like the Military Industrial Complex and the Globalist elites as much as those on the government benches do. Sad, so sad.