Control the sensory input, control the mind

from el gato malo

The intelligence community is the eyes and ears of government. they determine what it “sees” and what it “knows.” But what if it has an agenda other than honesty?

What if it seeks instead to rule? The threats are not even veiled.

Watch “Chuckles” Schumer here. This is not a subtle statement, especially from a senate majority leader to a sitting president. And watch his body language; it looks like he’s positively dying to make good on this threat. Pavlov’s dogs did not salivate like that. It’s enough to make you wonder precisely who he really works for.

And what if such a community decides it wants to take you down? What might that look like?

After flying to Washington DC to meet in person, it was conveyed that the high-level NSA employee, who is a ‘secret fan’ of his show, knew that Carlson was “trying to get a Putin interview and go to Russia,” adding “they have your e-mails and your texts, and they’re going to leak them to the media to discredit you as a Putin lover.”

Carlson then called a friend who is a US Senator, who told him that the US intelligence community accused him of being a Russian agent.

“Michael McFaul, who I would say is the leader of the neocons in the House… I got into an argument with him once last year on the phone. He told somebody that I was a Russian agent or something, and I was outraged,” Tucker said, referring to the former US Ambassador to Russia under President Obama.

These are not the actions of intelligence agencies protecting national interest; these are the actions of a secret police subverting them in service of dictatorial power..

It’s always the same.

14 of the Best Quotes By Lavrentiy Beria | Quoteikon
Khrushchev: “we will bury you.” NSA: “we will Beria you”

You penetrate media to get in the middle of what everyone is allowed to see.

Name Redacted @NameRedacted247

1. After learning that Twitter employs at least 15 former FBI agents, I searched Facebook. What I found is alarming Facebook currently employs at least 115 people, in high-ranking positions, that formerly worked at FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS: 17 CIA 37 FBI 23 NSA 38 DHS Thread🧵12:56 AM ∙ Dec 19, 20228,198Likes4,761Retweets

And you encourage the people to distrust one another and rat each other out. You set them up for conspiracy pratfalls as patsies for power grabs. This works extra well if you can create highly divided, divisive, and politicized societies using the classic “let’s you and them fight” divide and conquer stratagems.

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