(Media release)

The opening of the Peka Peka to Ōtaki section of the Kāpiti Expressway this week is a big win for the Kāpiti community, and marks the completion of another of National’s Roads of National Significance, National’s Ōtaki Candidate Tim Costley says. 

“In addition to faster journey times, it will also increase productivity for local businesses, ease congestion in Ōtaki and increase safety by separating local and highway traffic.”The project, along with Transmission Gully, was started under the last National Government, and part of a four-part system designed to move traffic safely and efficiently in and out of Wellington: Transmission Gully, Mackay’s to Peka Peka, Peka Peka to Ōtaki, and Ōtaki to North of Levin.“National is proud this project is finished and and we look forward to the completion of the final stage of the expressway from Ōtaki to North of Levin which was unfortunately cancelled by Labour in 2018 meaning it won’t be completed until the end of this decade on current timeframes.

“As someone who commutes along this road every single day, I’m excited to finally be able to drive on the new expressway, but more work needs to be done to accelerate Ō2NL. That is one the most dangerous roads in New Zealand, and like many of us, I’ve been stuck in queues behind too many tragic accidents and I know firsthand how desperately and how quickly we need Ō2NL finished.

“National is proud of the Roads of National Significance programme which has invested in safe, reliable and efficient connections around New Zealand,” says National’s Transport Spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“A safe, reliable and efficient transport system is the lifeblood of any country and critical to support economic growth. A National Government will continue to invest strongly in our roads to keep New Zealand moving forward.”

This makes no mention of a full interchange at PekaPeka, which National campaigned for in 2020 after it was dropped by Labour.  Hopefully this commitment remains. —Eds