Here is an edited version of an e-mail from David Seymour. A third of the seats in the next government means in practice about 16-17% of the total vote and it has reached that in polls since the 2020 election, but only when National was suffering. However, it is do-able when it’s considered that the present government’s Apartheid system is a huge issue for many voters and National under Luxon says nothing about it. The Labour and Green parties hardly need to fundraise — the government-paid Legacy Media promote their government and policies all the time. But opposition parties are going to need a big ‘war chest.’


We must deliver real change, and we need your support to deliver it.

Change means a new Government. Another three years of Jacinda Ardern just won’t work, but the reality is now much worse than that. Imagine three years with Jacinda, Chlöe, and Rawiri as the main players in the Government of New Zealand.
We must win this election, but changing the Government alone is not enough. Electing a National-dominated Government that keeps Labour’s ideas warm, so they can have another go in six or nine years’ time, won’t work either.
Left to their own devices, National will get New Zealand to the same place as Labour, just slower. I don’t criticise for the sake of it, I only point to the pattern of the last 90 years.
Real Change means winning this election with a big party vote for ACT. We need ACT to be a third of the next Government. We must make sure no other coalition, such as with the Greens, is mathematically possible. We can’t afford another Government dancing around the real issues that the country faces.
The next Government needs to deliver real change, it needs to:

  • Hold an honest conversation about why the Treaty made all New Zealanders equal, not equally divided, with a referendum on co-governance
  • Make sure victims have rights, and criminals face real consequences for a change by reintroducing three strikes and ending the pre-sentencing report gravy train
  • End useless government spending, for good, then cut income taxes
  • End the bureaucracy and waste of the climate change commission, deliver a no-nonsense climate policy
  • Protect the best farmers in the world instead of punishing them
  • Get kids attending schools where a knowledgeable adult transfers valuable academic knowledge to them
  • Fund and finance infrastructure so that first world roads get built, within a truly reformed resource management law based on property rights
  • Stop distracting the health system with ideology and the woke agenda, so medical professionals can do their job.

That is not a complete list. The job we have is enormous. I say ‘we’ because neither I nor the ACT caucus can do it alone.
You are part of our movement for real change. You’re getting this e-mail because you’ve signed up to one of our campaigns, or the Free Press or donated to ACT before (thank you). But there’s another half a million Kiwis who share your values we haven’t reached yet.
How do we reach them? You can probably guess we can’t rely on the mainstream media. Many of them tuned out ages ago. The miracle of the internet lets us go straight to them, but it costs money, a lot of money.

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