Two big dates were announced during the week. The Prime Minister will resign by 7 February. She also set the election date for 14 October.

Jacinda Ardern’s idealism has collided hard with reality, and she has left New Zealand with massive problems: the economy, the lawlessness, the Treaty.

Here’s the challenge we now face: There are 268 days until the election. ACT’s goal is to win enough seats at the election to give the next government some real backbone.

We need your help to make that happen.

A new coat of paint – from red to blue – won’t be enough to turn our country around.

The last five National governments opposed Labour’s policies while in opposition but then later kept them. New Zealand can’t afford to have National babysit Labour’s policies again.

ACT is the circuit breaker to that pattern. A vote for ACT is a vote to make sure promises to repeal Labour’s policies are kept.

In October, New Zealand needs a new government of real change. ACT will be providing the ideas and the backbone.

We can’t deliver the real change this country desperately needs without your support.

If you’re able to, please pitch in to our Election Fighting Fund.