Extract from their latest Free Press:

Who is Chris Hipkins? Well, he’s a walking disaster.

He’s the guy who’s been Minister of Education for the last five years, while attendance rates have plummeted. He’s the guy who oversaw the new history curriculum that divides New Zealanders into victims and villains [see Roger Childs’ comments on this in earlier posts. —Eds]. He’s the guy responsible for the unmitigated cluster of merging the most and least successful polytechs into one big sea of mediocrity. He’s the guy who shut down charter schools, refusing to even assess if they were working first.

He’s the guy who was Minister of Health after David Clark went mountain biking and got lost. The same healthcare system that is not breaking, but broken.

Ardern’s slump occurred as the covid response went wrong. Chippy’s the guy who was Minister for it, responsible for the disasters of testing, tracing, MIQ, nonsensical rules. He’s the guy who apparently forgot to order the vaccines.

He’s also the guy who leaked pregnant journalist Charlotte Bellis’ private information to the media, then refused to apologise until the courts found his MIQ regime to be unjust. After all, he did learn the ropes working as a staffer for Trevor Mallard.

What a guy! But despite all that he’s promising to reset Labour’s agenda. The party has lost twenty per cent in two years in the polls, business confidence is at a two year low, polling on right direction vs. wrong direction is negative at 33 vs. 53 for the country.

To have half a chance he’ll need to accept almost everything Labour’s done for five years is wrong, and dump it. The blow out in Government spending and the hostile approach to immigration that are causing inflation, the employment insurance that is really just a jobs tax, the so-called fair pay agreements amongst a raft of anti-business and anti-farming regulation that have destroyed business confidence. The co-government agenda that is transforming New Zealand’s constitution by stealth. It all needs to go.

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