Jacindalanders know what it’s like to be punished by the government for this, but the consequences in Iran for protest leaders are even worse; not just the slammer but the hangman’s noose.

Hassan Firouzi, only 34 years old, has been sentenced to death by the Islamic Regime in Iran after being arrested on November 26th for protesting. He was taken to Iran’s notorious Evin Prison and has been severely tortured and forced into a false confession. He has not been allowed proper legal counsel and was given a sham trial, before being sentenced to execution. He is to be executed once his injuries heal and was only been granted medical attention so that he would “look healthy” for his execution. Hassan’s only wish is to see his newborn daughter one last time before his execution. These are his own words from his last phone from the hospital before he was transferred back to prison:

“I only have one request from the Iranian people. Do something to help me see my daughter one more time. Whether or not I sign confession papers, they will kill me. My only wish is to see my daughter one last time. After 10 years, God finally gave us a child. I only got to see her for 18 days (before being arrested for protesting). I miss my daughter so much. My only wish is that I get to see my daughter one last time before they kill me.”

We cannot let another innocent life be taken away. We cannot let an innocent man be taken away from his daughter and hung to his death, simply for asking for freedom. The Islamic Republic of Iran is known for not executing those whose names are trending and those that have gained worldwide attention. Let’s get his name trending! Be the voice of HASSAN FIROUZI. 

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