from KC News

Waikanae residents took cover last Saturday night when a stray bullet hit the side of their house. The incident occurred around 10pm when contractors were out shooting Canada Geese at Otaraua Park on the south side of the Waikanae River.

The 15 minute cull left the family shaken as they had not been expecting the cull and certainly weren’t expecting bullets to hit their house – a bullet hole hit a ranch slider, shattering glass.

The Waikanae property was hit during the cull of Canada Geese organised by the Kapiti Coast District Council.

The residents called police and the shooting was still happening when police arrived at the scene. Police have said the incident would be treated as a workplace accident.

Mike Mendonca, Kapiti Coast District Council group manager place and space, confirmed the firearm incident and says it happened in a remote area of Otaraua Park while carrying out routine Canada geese population control.

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