by Guy Hatchard

The Democratic Party Governor of New York Kathy Hochul has announced that hospitals and care facilities will not be allowed to employ unvaccinated staff because according to her they can transmit Covid to others (presumably to the virtuously vaccinated). A similar rule has been applied in many countries and jurisdictions.

You will be aware by now (almost everyone is) that it is the vaccinated who are suffering from repeated Covid infections, not the unvaccinated. For example watch this eminent MIT professor and expert on drug safety analytics calling for an immediate end to Covid vaccinations.

Kathy Hochul and many other politicians will have noticed repeat infections among their vaccinated staff and have probably even suffered a similar fate themselves, but incredibly their mRNA faith is undimmed.

The disconnect between reality and regulation has arisen because the policy of the US democratic party, the UK government, the EU and the NZ parliament is to believe in biotechnology—in good polispeak “it is our future”, and by the way a very good source of party contributions and loyal (but misinformed) voters.

The politicisation of biotechnology is of course beyond daft, but tragically it is also very dangerous. Politicians know nothing worth peanuts about biotechnology, its safety and long term dangers (very few people do).

If you have had your DNA tested, you will have been given estimates of your ethnicity. How on earth do they do that? Mutations in the genome persist through generations carrying a signature of our original ancestors. It is not a big step for the ordinary person to realise that health deficits can also be passed on to subsequent generations (they are). The inheritance of genetic and epigenetic mutations is not a conspiracy theory as some political pundits would have you believe, it is a fully accepted and proven principle of genetics.

Our current crop of politicians are not of course ordinary persons, they are endowed with super abilities including myopic prescience, supernumerary idiocy, wilful blindness, infinite capacity to waste other people’s money, propensity to ignore sound advice, and addiction to science fiction.

A British government report from October 2022 found that rates of Covid infection were virtually unaffected by vaccination, in some cases they made things worse. Healthy 40 to 49-year-olds were more likely to be hospitalized with severe Covid if they had received one or two jabs rather than none.

In the most optimistic scenarios, a million vaccinations might prevent just one hospitalisation from Covid (and yet incidentally create many hospitalisations for other conditions resulting from adverse effects of vaccines). However, the UK government sat on this report until last week when they quietly dropped vaccination for the under fifties—too little too late.

Unbelievably, in defiance of the conclusions of their own report, the UK Health Secretary Steve Barclay announced a ten year deal with Moderna at the end of December 2022 to produce 250 million vaccines in the event of another pandemic. A deal potentially worth $25 billion dollars to Moderna as long as there is another pandemic. Part of the deal allows for the creation of a new biotechnology innovation centre which will help to develop vaccines now known to be useless and likely harmful to future generations.

In a sign of how much the UK government is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry, Richard Torbett, Chief Executive, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) said: “This partnership is fantastic news for British manufacturing and UK-based science and research. It is an important reminder that the Life Sciences Industry has the potential to be a key growth driver for the UK economy.”

This wasn’t just an innocent mistake, UK military and intelligence personnel have been thrown into the task of undermining any persons espousing narratives that ran counter to government Covid policy (policy which was not primarily devised by politicians but was actually invented, prompted, and fed to the government by a corrupt pharmaceutical industry linked closely with medical regulators and politicians themselves).

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but in addition to perennial political stupidity, the trends of increased excess all-cause mortality and reduced birth rates in highly vaccinated countries are showing no signs of abating. They might just be accelerating.

Sometimes in history there are wrong turns followed rapidly by turning points. In their January 27 statement Pfizer did not in fact deny any of the substantial revelations of its drunk executive boasting to an undercover reporter of Pfizer’s research to create new and more deadly viral strains. Is this what Moderna is planning in the UK at their new government-funded biotech innovation centre?

One wonders just how long the MSM silence and government compliance will continue? Starving, freezing German troops were urged by their deluded Führer to fight to the last breath in Stalingrad (most did). In retrospect, despite the Nazi claims of invincibility, it turned out to be very wise to avoid military conscription.

There is a lot of money and hype riding on biotechnology—investments, profits, kudos, grants, votes, and wild imaginings. As long as politicians are enamoured and deluded, and MSM are infatuated and funded, it will all continue, possibly until the end.

Don’t have anything to do with it, it is all an illusion, as the simple report of real life data on Covid vaccine ineffectiveness prepared for the UK government shows.

Don’t think for a moment that Covid came from a bat, that the jab reduces the severity of illness, that politicians saved the nation, or that safety is only another vaccine away. These narratives are the work of mesmerists and hidden persuaders paid to edit the truth for public consumption.

Alex Washburne, one of many top scientists exposing the lab origin of Covid, has been repeatedly labelled ‘unqualified’ by these warping wordsmiths. In fact, he studied pathogen spillover from bats to people for years pre-covid. That’s about as relevant an expertise as you can get on the question of SARS-COV-2 origins.

Our job as humans is to discriminate between truth and falsehood, that is our daily bread and butter. Ultimately there are inner spaces of the human mind, fortresses that cannot be deceived.

Our job is to find these and take a stand there. Our aids are logic and unimpeachable experience. Our means to cast aside veils hiding the truth include questions, especially those that no one will answer. If your opponents cannot look you in the eye and speak, or refuse your offer of debate, they are paper tigers.

In our present circumstances, reliance on authority alone is unwise. We have to be suspicious of those who stand to gain most from our misfortune. Ultimately our strength to persist is founded upon the knowledge that the authority figures are harming themselves more as they persist with failed policies. The end outcome is not at issue, it is only a matter of containing the harm to future generations as much as we can and as soon as we can.

Our aim at GLOBE is to outlaw biotechnology experimentation, it is undermining the basis of life, our life, the life of all—young, old, and catastrophically the unborn as well. Tomorrow I am going to continue today’s theme and examine the mistaken philosophy that is driving faith in biotechnology. From there we will unpick the fundamental errors and propose a way ahead. To find out more about the dangers of biotechnology visit GLOBE.GLOBAL.