by Geoffrey Churchman

It was rather ironic that on the anniversary of the beginning of Freedom Village yesterday that NZ’s new PM Hipkins announced the cessation of this government’s planned assault on Free Speech, one of the most basic rights in a Democracy.

This planned assault on Freedom has been fiercely fought by libertarians concerned that we would see a repeat of the constant farces that have characterised Britain after they enacted such laws. Both National and ACT made clear that the staus quo is perfectly adequate and have opposed any further restriction that She wanted to ram through with the majority in Parliament that the voters foolishly gave Her in 2020.

It wasn’t totally the end of the dreadful saga, however: rather than straight-out admit that that had been a very bad idea, he would keep it on the back burner by giving it to the Law Commission for further consideration.

The Free Speech Union had a short response to that:

But it’s not a good look for Hipkins to admit that She had a head full of bad ideas and that this was one of the worst.

The Labour Maori caucus is too powerful for him to do anything about He Puapua and the plans for so-called ‘Co-governance’ by Iwi Elites, which again National and ACT have made clear won’t continue. My prediction is that this will accordingly be the main cause of Labour’s defeat in October. Some aspects of Mahuta’s councils assets grab known as 3 [5] waters may remain, but there isn’t enough time left for Hipkins to pursue all of it despite the law setting it all up having been passed.

The planned, very expensive merger of TVNZ and Radio NZ never made any sense, but the ideologues in this government were obsessed with it. It’s been revealed that the wealthy private sector consultants on this issue have so far benefited to the extent of $18 million, but that’s still not as big a waste as the announced $327 million that this notion was going to cost the Taxpayer.

The Government’s biofuels mandate is also being ditched. From the beginning of this April, it would have required fuel wholesalers to cut the total greenhouse gas emissions for transport fuels they sell by a set percentage each year by increasing biofuels in their supply. But Hipkins says this would have increased the price of fuel and “Given the pressure on households, that’s not something I’m prepared to do.” The Greenies will be unhappy, but they’ve had plenty of successes with their wacky notions in the last 5+ years.

There are still several other bad plans that this government has and the important thing now is to ensure that Labour don’t get back for a third term. Tamaki MP Simon O’Connor is correct in this comment: