This is the first page of a 23-page ‘Noting Paper’, i.e. report which begins at page 29 on the Agenda, accessible here. We’ve had plenty to say on this subject over the last few years, almost none of it favourable to the Climatists. Nearly all of this reads like virtue signaling.

At the time of the last council elections we commented that the obsession with futile Carbon Dioxide theory needs to be replaced with concern for resilience in the case of severe weather events which dump huge amounts of water — as Kapiti experienced in July/August 2022, the upper parts of the North Island this January and of course, Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne last week. How effective is the drainage? Do stormwater pipes need to be increased in width, or new ones installed? What about natural water courses — do they need to be deepened?

How much Ratepayer’s money has spent on this over the last few years, particularly by the Bolger-chaired Takutai Kapiti? We intend to find out. Watch this space.