Although there had been numerous incidents of thuggery, as well as theft and vandalism, by Coster’s Blue Shirts through the 23 days of Freedom Village last February/March — a place that was described by those who visited it as nearly a perfect world of peace and harmony — the worst relentless violence by Coster’s well-armed miscreants was witnessed on Ash Wednesday, 2 March. It was ironically appropriate as with his actions Coster and his henchmen charred the image of the police and permanently destroyed most of the trust it had among the public until then.

Leftists in the MSM and Labour/Green Party members no doubt enjoyed the displays of gratuitous violence towards peaceful protestors (they may not have done if it had a been a protest by them) but most of those who viewed the events on social media ordered by Her and The Mallard of Coster were just sickened by them. Naturally She had a photo-op with some of these brutes the next day.

We suggest readers revisit some of the many posts on this event from last February and March.

The man Coster’s thugs were smashing up here was 74-year-old NZ Outdoors and Freedom party co-leader Alan Simmonds. They broke his hip and he needed urgent hip replacement surgery. He had to quit as party co-leader and was replaced with Donna Pokere-Phillips.

Lest there be any doubt who caused the mayhem: