The standard approach of the Jacinda government has been to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on creating new centralised super-bureaucracies for public services. The consequence has been that they have become much more unwieldy and inefficient. In the case of health the extra billions have not gone to frontline doctors and nurses but to administrators, as well as management consultants and lawyers in Auckland glass towers.

To crown it all this government has given these new systems a Maori name — which in our view falsely makes it look like Maori are responsible for the shambles. For that reason we are reluctant to use this government’s Maori names — it’s insulting to Maori.

Here is a typical comment from an Emergency Department patient:

10 am Wednesday — I am currently in Wellington A&E again, Been stuck here now for ten hours being given treatment in the corridor.

There are at least ten people on beds in the walkways.

Ambulances are overstretched — hospital with no spare beds and the ambulance people who brought me in for the third time in three weeks say:

The hospital and the health system is in crisis — but all the new Maori signage costing millions is all running on track.

The criminals–

Labour, Greens and [Her] are spending billions of the health dollars on a new Maori health system — while bleeding the resources of the real multi racial one into a health calamity.

If I get out of here I am going to write extensively on what I have witnessed here — and good and ordinary Kiwis need to wake up and come to terms with a disaster unfolding in the midst of their once honourable society.