by Kahi Harawira

The attempt by the West to remove the Putin regime and replace it with a puppet government made up of the Western Cabal (in Russia) has failed, because Putin moved before the US/NATO alliance could attack Moscow.

So the West switched to pumping arms into Ukraine to win by attrition instead, but that seems to have spectacularly backfired. The intended sanctions against Russia also appears to have been reversed against those applying them, not only degrading their economies, but also their military capacities as well.

And using Ukraine as a proxy, that tactic stripped the US/NATO block of the ability to operate in a full war mode. That does not apply however, to Russia, who are only using normal military hardware and keeping their most advanced military hardware off the battlefield.

Putin opposes the globalization objectives and the Agenda 2030 of the West. So it becomes necessary to get rid of Putin so that the West can get their way so that globalization and Agenda 2030 can proceed unhindered.

The supremacist ambitions of the West appear to have fallen a little short.