by Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

In an earlier post, I analyzed the Medicare data that the CDC refuses to disclose. I found that the covid ‘vaccines’ increase your risk of death over time.

Now, the Israeli Ministry of Health has covertly released a new study showing the same thing: that the covid ‘vaccines’ significantly increase your risk of death for at least 180 days post vaccination.

Here is an English-translated version of the study so you can read it for yourself. Note that many important details are omitted in the report.

The study shows the ‘vaccine’ gradually increases the risk of death over time with a peak at 4 months from the shotThis is why it is so hard to see compared to a ‘vaccine’ which causes a massive number of deaths shortly after the shot. But they don’t blame the ‘vaccine’. Instead, they claim that the increase in mortality is due to the healthy ‘vaccine’ effect (HVE). This is a “hand-waving argument” which has no evidentiary basis whatsoever (any HVE effect would be very small and very time limited).

The study also shows very clearly that the ‘vaccines’ are increasing serious cardiovascular events in ages 12-29 after the shot with a peak on Day 3 that should not be ignored by anyone, but is being ignored by everyone including the people who wrote the study!

They wrote, “The results regarding cardiovascular events close to the vaccination did not indicate an excess risk 30 days after the vaccination.” Seriously?!? You’d have to be completely blind not to see the HUGE spike on Day 3 after the shot. This is a perfect example of gaslighting.

The only explanation that fits is that fits the evidence: the vaccine is increasing your risk of death over time just as I wrote two weeks ago in my article about the Medicare data and that the vaccine is causing cardiovascular events in young people.

The report

The report looked at all those vaccinated with two doses until the end of October 2021 (before the start of the Omicron wave) who died during the 60-day follow-up from the vaccination and who were not positive for corona (1815 cases) were included.

NOTE: They do not tell us how many cases were excluded. For example, many people get the vaccine and quickly get covid and die.

Figure 1 shows the distribution of the number of deaths according to the duration of time since the vaccination.

Here is the first 60 days:

It’s supposed to be a completely flat line. Does this look flat to you?

The scientists can’t explain the huge rise from 10 to 20 deaths a day to over 70 deaths a day.

I can. It’s the ‘vaccine’. We saw the same effect in the Medicare data. The death rate kept increasing over time after you got the shot.

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