Tucker Carlson released January 6th footage which revealed the so-called ‘insurrection’ was not an insurrection at all.

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It was largely a peaceful protest. The Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Dome that day arrived to protest a stolen presidential election. They mostly marched in orderly fashion and some even received help from the police. One protestor known as the ‘Q Shaman’ was accompanied by the police who acted as ‘tour guides.’

Carlson proved what we already knew: That the January 6th Select Committee was incredibly biased and anti-Trump. They cherry-picked footage and hired a movie director to put together clips that seemed to prove their drummed-up charges of a Trump-led insurrection.

It was all lies.

—Ben Garrison

  • Tucker Carlson has to be the most courageous American TV host at present, taking on the Washington War Machine, the strategy and agenda behind Covidiocy and the neo-Marxist hordes involved in Wokeism, among other topics. He has a big following and Fox News should be happy — it’s the 3-letter government agencies that will have him in their cross-hairs. –-Eds