Our choice for the future: equality or tribal rule

A series of six articles has described the separatist coup pushed hard by this government that has taken New Zealand deep into racial division: all six have appeared on Waikanae Watch, and some have appeared on other websites. 

The solution proposed is radical: to declare New Zealand a united sovereign democracy in which all citizens are equal.  That theme is in close accord with the Stop Co-Governance movement: those articles have appeared on the Stop Co-Governance website and are referenced as hyperlinks inside the book Co-Governance – What it is, why it’s wrong, and why it must be stopped.

The call is for all New Zealanders to free ourselves from the shackles of the past, to decide for ourselves what society we want now and in the future.  We should demand the right of free and open speech which is denied by a captive mainstream media.  The effort to stop co-governance is a major step in this fight for equality.

These articles included many conclusions challenging the current conventional picture, which the current government demands that we all follow.  Maori, claimed as ‘indigenous’, are not special, just people like all others are.  There are moves to rewrite the constitution giving special powers to these alleged ‘indigenous’ people, which must be refused. 

Whereas many Maori warriors and tribes broke the peace and the rule of law brought by the Treaty of Waitangi, the government did not breach the Treaty – ever.  The current drive towards racial separation and apartheid is based on a false history, on grievances and guilt which are unjustified.  The result is intended to be tribal rule, destroying the fabric of the country.  The description of features of tribal rule, with the complete overthrow of our Western form of government, is deeply distressing, frightening.

This set of related articles has been brought together into one e-book, and published by the New Zealand Centre for Political Research.  This is freely available online – an  introductory page here which includes a link to the book (95 pages), which is here.

This unified presentation provides a useful resource, information for many who are joining the effort; this short article, with the links provided, can be distributed through lists of friends to reach a wider audience, along with a link to the Stop Co-governance book.