from the BFD

Since his elevation to the role of Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins’s spin doctors and the compliant [bribed] MSM are energetically pushing the “Chippy” narrative. Portraying him as a regular down to earth, focusing on the “bread & butter” issues, Cossie Club, Joe Average New Zealander.

But we must not be fooled by the Joe Average persona nor by the choir boy looks.

You don’t have to scratch the surface too deeply to unearth the same range of political ideologies that seek to achieve a skewed ethnic equality, the same “we know best” dogma and exactly the same innate ability to obfuscate and to equivocate as his predecessor.

The only thing we haven’t heard is the “I refute the premise of that question!”

If you want to see obfuscation, equivocation and plain dodging the question at its very best, have a read of Today FM Tova O’Brien’s article on her attempt to garner a clear answer from Hipkins on the Maharey resignation issue.

As Tova wrote, “one of the most remarkable examples of political verbal acrobatics”.

Further emulating his predecessor, Hipkins also has some serious failure marks on his report card.

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