by Steve Kirsch

We had a remarkable VSRF Update this past Thursday with Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee. Melissa’s insider knowledge was eye-opening and revealed the extent of the corruption within not just Pfizer but the entire Covid-19 mRNA ‘vaccine’ project. A few quotes:

“Basically, we’re getting Chinese-made products and putting it in Pfizer vials and slapping a Pfizer [label] on it.”

Something I noticed that if somebody received a batch that started with an E — those had high, high adverse reactions and deaths.”

There is a pressing need for more whistleblowers to come forward and shed light on the corruption, danger, and malpractices prevalent in the institutions that drove Covid policies- from lockdowns, to mandates, to the vaccines. Whistleblowers are often the only ones with the insider knowledge required to expose the harmful practices that dismantled our entire country.  

However, blowing said whistle is not easy, and it takes immense courage to do so. There is an urgent need for more attorneys to step up and represent these whistleblowers. These lawyers play a crucial role in protecting the rights and interests of whistleblowers and ensuring that they are not subjected to retaliation or wrongful termination.  

Covid litigation conference this Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta

For Atlanta area lawyers, particularly those who specialize in personal injury law, attending the Covid Litigation Conference will be a game-changer. As Covid-related litigation continues to grow and expand, the demand for lawyers to represent both victims of the Covid policies and whistleblowers is also expected to increase. Attorneys can stay ahead of the curve and position themselves as experts in this new field, creating new opportunities for themselves and their firms.

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