from Ben Garrison

Joe Biden announced he’s ‘running’ for a second term, even though he can barely walk. [‘Standing’ would be the better term.]

Despite his very low poll ratings and very advanced age, I predict he will win his party’s nomination. RFK Jr. may be his biggest competition, but like Bernie Sanders, those controlling the Democrat Party will rig the primaries against him.

Biden will have the 2024 election stolen for him. Again. The octogenarian will be 86 years by the end of his second term. By that time, America’s destruction should be complete.

Older readers will remember when Edward Kennedy (John and Robert Kennedy’s brother) made a concerted effort in 1980 to take the nomination off sitting president Jimmy Carter. He didn’t get it and instead Ronald Reagan trounced Jimmy Carter in the November 1980 election so it’s no certainty that Joe will get a second term, even with rigged ballots in some states. —Eds