Veganism is not healthy enough.

Scientists say farming is too important to ‘become the victim of zealotry’ 

Almost 1,000 academics from leading universities across the world have signed an initiative which argues that livestock farming is too important to ‘become the victim of zealotry’.

Publishing in the academic journal Animal Frontiers, as part of a collaboration between professional animal science societies, dozens of experts looked behind new claims that eating meat causes diseases, as well as being harmful for the planet.

Researchers found, however, that it is hard to replicate the nutritional content of meat.

It added that those who live in poorer communities and have a low meat intake often suffer from a number of nutrient-deficient diseases such as stunted growth, wasting and anaemia, The Telegraph reports.

Researchers in Animal Frontiers said that unprocessed meat is responsible for providing B12 vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals, such as iron and zinc, as well as supplying retinol.

The paper suggested that the link between red meat and disease was almost eradicated when it was combined with a healthy diet, leading to the suggestion it was the rest of the diet that is the cause behind health issues.

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