British broadcaster Piers Morgan is no stranger to the phenomenon of cancel culture.

Following criticism of the Oprah with Meghan and Harry interview, Morgan sensationally left Good Morning Britain with immediate effect in what the former Daily Mirror editor told Mike Hosking was him becoming a victim of cancel culture.

“I think I was definitely a victim of this cancel culture which we have to endure. The reason I say that is I was put in a very strange position by a media company, who you would think understood what free speech means,” says Morgan.

“Having been recruited to be opinionated on a morning show – and do that very successfully for five years and treble the ratings and make it the most talked about show in the country, I was then put in a position because Meghan Markle complained to my boss that I disbelieved her, I then had to apologise to Meghan Markle or leave.”

The Piers Morgan Uncensored host says he was effectively told that he would have to lose his job because somebody had insisted he must believe everything they say.

“Last time I checked, that’s not how democracies work. That’s how it works in Russia or North Korea or China.”

Morgan says that despite being able to rebuild his career and public image, the intent of those that seek to destroy others for holding opposing views is something that must be fought.

“They’re basically a form of modern-day fascists where ‘you shall do what we say, say what we say, think what we think, dress how we dress and so on, admire history in the way we want you to, respect statues of our choice and if you don’t we’re going to ruin you.”

He tells Mike Hosking he believes the cornerstone of democracy to be free speech and that truly means to tolerate points of view one does not like, rather than tolerating opinions that agree with you.

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