This featured on an episode of the NZ version of the Grand Designs TV series last year; here is a new article on the NZ Herald website:

One thing was certain when James Davis decided to build his own house – it had to be different from the norm.

Various ideas were mulled over but a lot of inspiration came from his Uncle Mark Ayre’s octagonal house in Wānaka where he spent many school holidays.

He loved his uncle’s house and wondered if he could create something similar but with a modern twist.

James, who owns Kāpiti Signs, decided to create a two-storey roundhouse on a new Waikanae hillside subdivision in Wilson Way.

The house would be super strong, like a castle turret, but its creation would demand a lot of technical expertise both in terms of design and construction.

He discussed the vision with his friend and engineer Hayden Milburn, from Spencer Holmes, who said it was achievable but would cost a lot.

With his mother Sally Davis helping him financially, James took the plunge and enlisted architectural designer Gary Phillips, from Novare Architecture, to design the house.

There were various challenges along the way, such as waterproofing the roof, but overall it was a smooth process.

With Sally’s eye for interior design, and the use of orthogonal furniture, James’ dream home was achieved and he moved into it in late May 2022.

And what a liveable masterpiece it is comprising two bedrooms, two lounges, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and much more.

ome of the many touches I liked included the amazing staircase, porcelain-coated synthetic wooden flooring and the honeycomb-coloured plywood negative groove ceiling panels.

The house has extensive use of glass which ensures the extraordinary views are embraced.

The final jewel in the crown is James’ landscaping skill.

The decking, retaining walls, fencing, use of boulders as well as sub-tropical plantings are spectacular.

James, his mum Sally and all the others who have helped them have created a super-groovy home.

But what is it like to live in?

“It’s fantastic,” James said. “Everything works.”

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