Fancy every street in Paraparaumu being 30km/h with a few exceptions at 40km/h?

Kāpiti Coast District Council are inviting your thoughts on their Speed Management Plan. And I bet you have thoughts. Labour is requiring councils to have a plan to reduce speeds. This is a pretty aggressive way to do it.

This is Labour Party madness which the Kapiti council seem to be right into.

This is fixing something that isn’t broken.

This is a crazy combination of not understanding the problem and then over-engineering the solution.

If you look at NZTA crash data there are no deaths of pedestrians on Paraparaumu or Waikanae urban roads in the last 20 years, there are very few fatal crashes on urban streets, and incredibly few where a speed limit change would change the outcome.

Don’t misunderstand, every life is worth doing something to save, but a driver of these changes is the safety gain for pedestrians and “other modes” like kids biking to school etc. Fortunately, that hasn’t been a problem for us. Expanding the school zones to cover the entirety of Paraparaumu, and slowing down every driver, every business, everyone who needs to pop to the shops or pick up the kids; this can’t be the answer. If it would really have saved lives we would have done it years ago.

I’d much rather see Waka Kotahi NZTA focus on increasing the speed of our new, world-class, safe expressways, rather than slow us down.

Council have laid out what they plan to do. You can agree, you can disagree, but please have your say.