He is also known as Peter Sweden where he is from.

Right now the WHO is holding their annual World Health Assembly at the UN building in Geneva, Switzerland.

They are working on planning the pandemic treaty which will see the WHO gain power and control over sovereign countries, such that they could force countries to introduce vaccine passports, quarantines and even censor things they deem to be “misinformation”.

This is a major globalist power grab.

You thought things were bad during covid? Things will get a whole lot worse if the WHO gets the power to introduce lock down measures and such at will. We are facing a new threat of tyranny.

The Swiss people organized a protest against the WHO and the pandemic treaty, and I had the honor of being a speaker at the protest. It was awesome.

The freedom bell ringers came with their cow bells and stood outside the WHO conference and made quite some noise.

I together with many others spoke outside the UN buildings in Geneva where the WHO were holding their World Health Assembly.

Please listen and watch my speech on my Rumble channel here: https://rumble.com/v2qlfo0-powerful-speech-exposing-agenda-2030-at-the-un.html

I will also soon be uploading the speech held by Noor Bin Ladin so make sure to stay tuned for that.

Of course, what the WHO are doing is going largely ignored by the mainstream media. That is why I decided to travel to Switzerland to report on it myself. And I have a lot more coming from here.