By Brian Chu, Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia

Quick summary: The announcement earlier this week from WA Premier Mark McGowan saying he’d resign adds one more to the list of hardliner leaders who brought ruin to his state and the people. While many are still concerned that there’s no end to the tyranny of the globalists who’re using governments, corporations, institutions and the media to implement their plans to change society and our way of life, these resignations show their power is waning…

Earlier this week, WA Premier Mark McGowan announced he’s quitting politics. 

Many of you remember that he was behind one of the most restrictive border policies in the country. These policies ruined families and businesses, notably the mining industry that relies a lot on ‘fly-in, fly-out’ workers. 

Now you wonder why he’d quit so abruptly. After all, the media lauded him as a hugely popular premier in his state, which they highlighted in their polls

McGowan told the public in his address that he was ‘exhausted’, suffered from ‘many sleepless nights’, and ‘excess worry about things’.  

What’s interesting is that McGowan’s reasons for stepping down from the state’s top post echoed that of former NZ Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern, who resigned in mid-January this year, citing she no longer ‘had enough in the tank’.

Now on the surface, this seems like a nothing burger. 

They’re tired and want to focus on their own lives and family. 

Nothing to see here.

But if you ask me, that’s just a cover story to divert your attention. 

Let me take you on a deeper dive so you know what’s at play. 

Today’s hard-line leaders are not so tough

If you go back a few decades and study examples of the longest-serving leaders (many of whom were tyrants and despots), they weren’t made from the same mould as the ones today.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’d rather have today’s tyrants than those of the past.

But we’ve seen a few who’ve ruled with an iron fist over the last three years. Now they’re stepping down claiming exhaustion or a desire to spend more time with family.

Come again?

Exhausted after a few years of presiding over a state of emergency, which they happily extended continually? 

Was it not energising enough for them to enjoy high approval ratings and a fawning media praising every policy they implement that strips the people of their freedom? 

How about winning re-elections with a stronger margin?

I wonder whether back in the day the thought of quitting due to exhaustion crossed the minds of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, China’s Mao Tse-tung and his nemesis Chiang Kai-shek, Cambodia’s Hun Sen, Former Yugoslavia’s Josip Broz Tito, Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko, and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.

Or even Türkiye’s current President Recep Erdoğan, who narrowly won re-election over the weekend and is onto his third term— his 20th year at the top job. Those who follow the news in Türkiye know that running that country with its myriad of problems is no simple feat! But we don’t hear a hint of fatigue from President Erdoğan! 

No dismounting off the tiger

I don’t buy this ‘exhaustion’ reason at all. 

The psychology behind wielding power doesn’t line up.

There’s an old Chinese saying, ‘It’s hard to dismount from a tiger after riding it’. 

Fact is, when you’ve consolidated power, you’ve upped the ante. You’ve made your enemies and crossed the Rubicon. You can’t afford to relinquish power for fear of retribution.

During the pandemic, many of these leaders wielded extraordinary emergency powers and rode roughshod over their country’s constitutional and legal framework. Not only that, but they also implemented policies that hurt many businesses and the general public. 

In turn, they made powerful enemies.

This will worsen as people wake up and realise the façade of the health measures and science used to back these policies. 

The tide has certainly turned against those in charge who ran with these directives and implemented measures on society without exception or leniency. 

Has McGowan’s hard-line policies and grandstanding come a-haunting him at night?

Some of you may’ve lived through the hard-line policies that McGowan imposed on WA in the past three years.

The heavy-handedness of McGowan’s border closure to both domestic and international travellers, and the vaccine mandates that included heavy fines on non-compliant individuals and businesses, caused even the Sydney Morning Herald to publish an article in late October 2021 criticising him for infringing individual rights and liberties.

During the vaccine rollout, McGowan was vocal and often criticisedAustralians as well as leaders of other states for not pushing as hard as he did. In response, he was accused of playing politics. 

McGowan has also publicly stated his reason for such harsh measures was to ensure the success of his plans to mass vaccinate the population. 

The numbers are starting to turn against him. The recent data shows that while the official proportion of the state’s population getting the vaccines is the highest in the country, the cases and deaths are rising once more: