An item we were sent a couple of weeks back from a person who works in a jab facility.
This is why they can afford to give away vouchers and food as bribes to get jabbed with that substance. They are not in the least worried about the possible serious adverse reactions or deaths — it is just a money-making business.

“The clinic I work for is going ahead with starting a covid clinic despite being severely understaffed. They get $10,000 to set it up and $350 per jab. None of the managers have any healthcare background and the company is owned by a big American company which had bought out 70 clinics in NZ. Most of NZ has already been sold to America. There are 3 big companies that own most of NZ. None of the managers have healthcare experience and their background is business accounting etc.

“But wait, there’s more: and the medical centres get paid $120 per covid swab too. $120 per swab/test done! So, not only is there huge money-making incentives in ALL of this, but most of the medical clinics and practices in NZ have been silently sold off to America, to Omni, Evolution Healthcare and Green Cross. We are silently being sold to America for bigger agendas.”