Readers will remember how Wokeists screamed about ‘Islamophobes’ during 2019-2020 and Comrade Jacinda and members of her cabinet went around virtue signaling in their hijabs. Well, now Muslims are ‘Homophobes’ according to Wokeist teaching. Oh dear.

From the Free Speech Union

The Federation of Islamic Associations New Zealand (FIANZ ), has released material to Muslim parents encouraging them to engage in their schools, making their opposition to Pride Week in Kiwi schools known. This has been denounced as bigotry by Pride organisations.

Thankfully, New Zealand has free speech and only limited hate speech laws. We entirely support FIANZ’s right to distribute material of this kind and to encourage their supporters to oppose Pride Week in schools. Schools participate optionally, and every parent with children in each school should use their voice to speak up for the values they hold.

We also remind FIANZ that this is exactly why we opposed hate speech laws, which they supported extensively. Censorship seems like a good idea in the moment, when you’re the one deciding who should be censored. But it can be just as easily used against those who first advocated for it. Let’s let Kiwis speak freely.