by Guy Hatchard

Or are we victims of social manipulation and biotechnology experimentation?Note: This article was published on and is available as an audio file and as a PDF document

Stuff Media has published an article “Fact checking claims about New Zealand’s 2022 death rate”. This is a lengthy article written with the help of Te Whatu Ora (the NZ Health Service) and Stats NZ, both of whom have access to health data we have repeatedly asked to see, but to which we still have no access.

In essence, our government is admitting: yes, deaths are up to record levels in 2021, 2022, and 2023, but incredibly they also say it is nothing to worry about.

According to the article, the record rises are due partly to Covid and mostly to the effect of an aging population, but most definitely not due to mRNA vaccines. Yet the years with record mortality rates are uniquely linked to mRNA vaccination. Remember NZ had little Covid infection in 2021. We have written extensively and repeatedly about this at the Hatchard Report.

We note that Our World in Data (referred to in the article and coincidentally Bill Gates’ favourite Covid data site), has used a statistical method to analyse NZ data that assumes our rises in population during 2015-2019 continued during the pandemic years, they didn’t. This distorts the analysis and makes it appear that rising deaths can be wholly explained as the continuation of a pre-existing trend. They cannot.Te Whatu Ora’s suggestion in the article that only four people have died in New Zealand as a result of Covid vaccination is risible. We have the second highest excess death rate in the OECD, multiple studies have demonstrated that mRNA Covid vaccines are associated with cardiac illness (something acknowledged by Medsafe). Leaked data from the Wellington Region shows that hospitalisation for heart attacks is up by 83%. The claim that virtually none of these are the result of vaccination puts NZ in the forefront of gullible nations.

We have asked for mortality statistics by age and cause of death to be made available and crucially by vaccine status. Te Whatu Ora has these figures, but hasn’t released them. Why? Is the government-funded Whole Truth disinformation project managed by Stuff deliberately hiding the truth?I think you will agree with me that there is room for a knee-jerk reaction here.

Should we rename Stuff media as ‘Stuff and Nonsense’ and its government funded disinformation project ‘The Hole Truth’?

There is much published data now available from other countries pointing to concerning characteristics of rising excess deaths, so you might think Stuff and Te Whatu Ora are destroying their own credibility with every new protestation of innocence. For example recent figures released in the UK show excess deaths are affecting all age groups. Ditto for insurance data from the US,

Napoleon reportedly said “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”.

So should we continue to challenge Te Whatu Ora and the media when they won’t release key data, won’t engage in anything approaching a scientific debate, and continue to misinform the public?

Let’s sit back and consider this calmly. Is there actually an enemy? Is Stuff our enemy? What is exactly going on here? People have died in record numbers and they still are, but no one in authority wants to discuss it openly. Reportedly, millions around the world died from Covid in the early days of the pandemic, albeit probably exacerbated by inappropriate treatment protocols and pre-existing conditions, and now there are record excess deaths running into millions and good indications that mRNA vaccines are involved. From this perspective, there doesn’t appear to be any enemy, only millions of victims on both sides of the mRNA vaccination debate.

Has someone hoodwinked us all? If so, who is that person?

Hitler and Stalin controlled their populations by creating fictitious enemies or scapegoats—the international jew and the international capitalist. They both succeeded in uniting the masses behind lies. Both managed the indoctrination of youth under the guise of education. Is someone similarly controlling us now?

But who? Jacinda Ardern, Ashley Bloomfield, Anthony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky, and Boris Johnson have all exited stage left, Joe Biden is currently falling off the stage, but still there appears to be an overarching effort to keep the public misinformed, divided and blaming each other. Who is doing this? Apparently not one person. A self-sustaining mass movement has emerged from the chaos of the pandemic and the babbling morass of mainstream and social media.

There are of course key players and opinion-makers, these are numerous and they function within networks. There is a great deal of money involved. People and corporations have amassed vast fortunes on the back of pharmaceutical drugs, biotech investment, and pandemic contracts. They are paying people large sums including PR firms and biddable scientists to push a philosophy which, as a result, has embedded itself in the social consciousness.

If I was to attempt to characterise this, I would say there is a determination to reject nature and replace it with biotechnology. Put another way, we are rejecting what many refer to as God’s Will and believe we can replace it with a man-made creation. The reach of this philosophy and its allure is extraordinary. It involves the replacement of natural food sources with biotech food, drugs and vaccines. The associated cultural myth offers eternal life free from disease.

How has this movement taken hold and why is it so impervious to fact?

An article in the July 2023 issue of Scientific American holds a hint: “Brain Waves Synchronize when People Interact. The minds of social species are strikingly resonant“. This details a growing field of research I have been involved with for over forty years. According to the article, neuroscientists have found:“A consistent finding that when people converse or share an experience, their brain waves synchronise. Neurons in corresponding locations of the different brains fire at the same time, creating matching patterns….Such work is beginning to reveal new levels of richness and complexity in sociability. In classrooms where students are engaged with the teacher, for example, their patterns of brain processing begin to align with that teacher’s.”

In other words, intense levels of social and intellectual interaction lead to the formation of shared patterns of thinking. I discuss my experimental investigation of collective consciousness at length in my book Your DNA Diet in which I offer sound evidence that we influence each other even at a distance.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we have emerged from the pandemic with widely shared belief systems, but are they factual or are they the result of manipulation? Just because two people think alike or even two hundred million people, it doesn’t guarantee truth. Hitler’s greater Germany is a case in point.

The criteria of truth is still evidence. If governments seek to hide data or promote false ideas of successful and safe genetic manipulation without sharing evidence, they are building castles in the sand which will inevitably be washed away on the next high tide of rational scientific investigation.

As long as we remain polarised, we are easily controlled. If discussion is suppressed, there are few ways ahead. As Robert Frost said:Before I built a wall I’d ask to knowWhat I was walling in or walling out,And to whom I was like to give offense.Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,..The essential prerequisite for progress is the removal of the current restrictive barriers to public discussion which are being promoted by governments. Time was when the press and the public could and did ask questions, that facility needs to be restored. If that door remains closed how can damage be limited? How can lives be saved? Only with the greatest difficulty. Certainly we need fresh food, humility, honesty, evidential thresholds, and respect for traditions. These are among many qualities we should revive and cherish.In essence, we have been polarised by choices that have no validity, through an old trick of sales talk: “which would you prefer, product A or product B?” when it is the unmentioned product C that will actually work.

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, we have all become victims of biotechnology, dreamed up in laboratories filled with deadly viral pathogens, many of them made even more deadly by white coated bio-technicians. These laboratories need to close their doors forever, their products incinerated, and their staff re-educated in the fundamental imperatives of ethics and natural justice.

Biotechnology experimentation is at fault here, it is inimical to life. Extensive research shows biotech interventions have benefitted few if any, instead creating deadly adverse mutagenic events. It is being sold on the basis of worthless propaganda and vacuous promises.

To research more about this topic go to our GLOBAL website and read Has Reckless Biotechnology Experimentation Initiated a Global Extinction Event?.