Below are the pages from the WCB agenda on the item that was considered at its meeting last Tuesday. Since the ‘Ewy’ was opened in February 2017, there has been increased traffic along Te Moana Road between the old SH1 and the new one, and the most concerning addition have been the heavy logging trucks from the Reikorangi area. The Jacinda government’s decision to cancel the full PekaPeka interchange that the previous National Government had committed to, has also had the effect of increasing traffic: on the old SH1 you could make a left-hand turn onto PekaPeka road going north, but you can’t from the ‘Ewy.’

Readers can decide for themselves what (if any) measures are needed to improve traffic safety along Te Moana Road between the Main Road and the ‘Ewy’ — and then send these to the WCB members whose e-mails are listed on this page of the KCDC website.