Getting boozed in a Wellington restaurant on a Friday night, then doing a runner probably wasn’t what the Stuffers last year expected their heavily promoted far left candidate for mayor to do.

The Stuffers themselves revealed in The Post on Monday that staff at Wellington restaurant The Old Quarter were appalled that Whanau and a friend came to the Dixon St restaurant on Friday already tipsy and got progressively drunker.

Whanau allegedly asked the waiter, “Do you know who I am” before she and her friend left without paying. The friend got in touch on Saturday and settled the bill.

Radio NZ reports Wellington city councillor Ray Chung sayaing the mayor’s behaviour was making them all look bad when the council already suffered from a low public approval rating. “I think the public will think worse of us than even what they do now,” he said.

“It isn’t good and it destroys a lot of the hard work that … some of the people have been doing.”

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Cam Slater says: The [Stuffer] journalist should go back and ask Tory Whanau about her booze-soaked three hour “lunch” the same day at The Malthouse: