The world’s top AI researchers issued a terrifying warning about the dangers of the technology they created. Here’s what it says:

“Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

It sounds like sci-fi, but the people who invented AI are warning it could one day WIPE OUT the human race! Why? Because even they can’t always predict how it will respond or what decisions it will take.

And even if this never happens, unchecked AI has ALREADY ruined lives: in the Netherlands, AI mistook parents from ethnic minorities as child benefit fraudsters, resulting in hundreds of kids being torn from their mums and dads wrongfully.

This is horrifying — but we don’t have to sit back and accept this dystopian future. Experts are urging governments to protect citizens from this technology with specific new laws – but governments aren’t acting fast enough! A massive roar of voices calling on our leaders to put humans first and regulate AI could make all the difference. 

Sign the open letter to governments below, and Avaaz will team up with top experts to deliver it to governments to shape new laws, before it’s too late!

To world leaders:

Artificial intelligence holds much promise – and great risk. Left unchecked, it is already wreaking havoc among vulnerable groups and it could devastate jobs, be used to perpetrate massive human rights abuses, and even threaten human extinction. 

We call on you to protect society and individuals from AI threats with new laws that govern the development and deployment of AI systems. 

Without laws to protect us, we’re risking everything. Act now, while there is still time.

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