We also sent in a submission opposing them, but not via the Hobson’s Pledge portal, so it’s likely the total of opposing submissions well exceeded this figure. Will the NZTA take any notice? If this racist government stays in power it’s unlikely; on the other hand if there’s a change of government it is likely.

A total of 29,918 submissions were made by supporters of Hobson’s Pledge opposing the investment in bilingual road signs and urging NZTA, also known as Waka Kotahi, to prioritise their core responsibilities of fixing our roads.

During the school holidays, we experienced more bad weather and road closures due to landslides and flooding. This served as a timely reminder as many New Zealanders took to the road – where NZTA should be directing their resources.

This campaign was just one of the many issues that could evade public scrutiny as we find ourselves, excuse the pun, flooded by initiatives that are dividing us and differentiating us based on when our ancestors arrived in this country.

There are so many issues that need to be addressed, particularly now as we head into the 2023 election campaign. Thanks to your support, our voice is being heard, and we are reaching more New Zealanders, raising awareness of the division that this Government has forced upon us.