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It has long been known that the covid vaccines were non-sterilizing. It has also been known, based on [data in] countries like the UK that report the stats honestly that the ‘vaccinated’ are at greater risk of contracting covid than the unvaxxed.

This has even been known about the boosters.but where this gets really worrying is this: each new variant is seeing this relative risk rate rise and the rate of rise is accelerating. this is, unfortunately, exactly what one would predict as a leaky ‘vaccine’ with a strong tendency to antigenically fixate those having received it drives viral evolution to prey upon this vulnerability. herd OAS replaces herd immunity and vaccine driven evolution does the rest.

The UK data is getting really stark here. Let’s look. I took the raw data from the vaccine reports and compared cases per 100k population in vaccinated vs unvaxxed. This meant comparing 2 doses to vaxx pre 2022 and 3 doses vs unvaxx in 2022 as the 2d figure was discontinued.each report is a trailing 4 week figure and so I chose reports 4 weeks apart to prevent overlapping data (except in the weeks 35-8 report from 2021 which was the earliest available in this format). each datapoint is the sum of a 4 week period.

I then calculated a risk ratio by dividing cases per 100k in vaxxed by unvaxxed. numbers greater than 1 show vaccines failing. Numbers less than one show efficacy: eg. a 2 means the vaccinated get twice the cases of the unvaxxed, a 0.5 means they get 1/2. as can be seen, the trend is going poorly for vaccines and for boosters.

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It never did, Ms Walensky. Still, it’s an admission of sorts, at long last, and one the government controlled media of Jacindaland has yet to repeat.