This has to be the most tragic case of injuries caused by that dreadful substance.

Slovakian model and actress Katarina Pavelek, known for her work on Fox Sports Live (2013), The Mindy Project (2012) and Marry Me (2014), died after choosing to end her own life through assisted suicide. Pavelek, whose final days were spent in Liestal, Switzerland, had just previously received a Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) “booster” shot, which she was told would help enhance her immune system.

Instead, Pavelek’s health post-injection deteriorated significantly, according to Evie Magazine.

“Like most people, Pavelek thought the jab would improve her immune system – instead, it did the opposite, and she suffered heavily as a result,” the magazine reported.

“Pavelek was diagnosed with an incurable chronic neurological illness known as myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME / CFS), a long-term illness with a wide range of symptoms that affects daily activities. At times, this condition may confine people to their beds. ME / CFS can worsen if individuals with this illness overwork themselves. The model was also suspected to have respiratory ALS, a neurodegenerative disorder that weakens the muscles involved in breathing and swallowing.”(Related: Earlier this year, research published in the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database [DMED] revealed that COVID booster shots are linked to heart issues, cancers, and an “astounding decline” in average lifespan.)

Developing ME / CFS from covid jabs usually means a person’s life ENDS, even if they don’t opt for assisted suicide

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) categorizes myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME / CFS) as a complex and debilitating illness, just like Evie Magazine reported it in terms of Pavelek’s pre-suicide suffering.

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