Those who read yesterday’s RNZ article (a broadcaster whose boss is another cheerleader for Biden and his warmongering), will have seen this sentence:

“We’re absolutely behind you,” Hipkins assured Zelensky. “We see [Russia’s invasion] … as an attack on the entire system of values and rules that New Zealanders firmly support.”

New Zealand has so far contributed more than $80 million in “diplomatic, military and humanitarian assistance”, said Hipkins, as well as support for Ukraine’s legal case against Russia, sanctions targeting more than 1500 Russian and Belarusian individuals and entities, as well as “restrictive trade measures”.

Hipkins should speak for himself. What did Hipkins have to say about Dubya’s “unprovoked and illegal” invasion of Iraq back in 2003 or was he a supporter of that instead? For hypocritcal Hipkins and his government it’s a case of “it’s all right when we do it, but not when they do it.”

Breaking promises, censoring, muzzling and shutting down opposition, autocracy, disinformation, subterfuge, tryanny, thuggery and persecution (including torturing and killing) by neo-Nazis of those who don’t conform to dictates of the regime are all certainly values of both the Hipkins and Zelensky governments as we’ve witnessed. We can’t yet add to that corruption, big time theft, money laundering, drug dealing and black market arms dealing because we don’t have the evidence that the Hipkins government engages in those standard activities of their counterpart politicians in Kiev and Washington DC.

The above are not the values of most New Zealanders. All three governments deserve only contempt.