by Jordan Williams

It is often hard to tell whether our efforts, campaigns, and advocacy are making a difference to those sitting in the Beehive. I’ve witnessed some of the most bizarre behaviour I’ve ever seen by a Minister in a Select Committee.  Clearly, Cabinet Ministers are feeling the pressure…Let’s start with Three Waters.

As I said at the 30 or so “Hands Off Our Homes: Stop Central Planning Committees” roadshow events, it was a delight to see in the polling we did when Chris Hipkins first became Prime Minister: The number one policy New Zealand voters want Chris Hipkins to put on the policy bonfire is Three Waters.

The short point is that while we can’t claim the policy victory yet, through persuasion and getting the message out about what Three Waters means – higher water costs, more bureaucracy, no local control, and less democracy – we have won the public over.

The Government clearly felt the need to do something. But instead of scrapping Three Waters, Chris Hipkins changed its name! But our polling shows that the public haven’t fallen for the rebrand. Three Waters, or so-called “Affordable Water Reform” – whatever you call it, it’s an electoral stink bomb that the Government no longer wants to talk about.

“It’s all your fault!” says Damian O’Connor  

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but we were recently alerted to this recording of Damian O’Connor literally blaming our Stop Central Planning Committees roadshow tour (where we did joint events with our friends at the Federated Farmers) for the increased mental anxiety of farmers! 

Minister blames our Roadshow for deteriorating mental health of farmers! 

Watch the video for yourself over on Facebook

As you can see, without providing any specifics, Damian O’Connor claimed our campaign is somehow misleading or exaggerated.  That’s weird – we asked Mr O’Connor (and other Labour MPs) to come along and attended our events, but none did.

We are 100% sure of our facts on this issue. We understand Minister O’Connor’s staff read our newsletters (hi there 👋) so we’ll use this opportunity to invite Mr O’Connor, or any Government Minister to join us on our podcast to talk through the issues. That would be more fruitful than resorting to ad hominem attacks, like Mr O’Connor.  After all, as much as we disagree with Minister Mahuta’s Three Waters, at least she had the grace to front up for our Taxpayer Talk podcast.

What this means: We. Can. Win.

With the election only a few month’s away, clearly Labour is feeling the pressure. Chris Hipkins landed back in the country over the weekend and with the polls locked in a close tug-of-war, the media is speculating about which unpopular policies Prime Minister Hipkins will ditch.

Now is not the time to back off

If we can exert enough pressure on the Government, Chris Hipkins will have no choice but to ditch the co-governed Three Waters (rebranded to so-called “Affordable Water Reforms”), and the co-governed proposed central planning laws.

But to win, we need your help.

If you live on a road, I’m asking you to take a few minutes to put up a banner.  If you have street facing windows, I’m asking to send you a coreflute sign.

Click here to buy a beautiful large banner (as pictured above)

Click here to buy a smaller coreflute sign.

Chris Hipkins wants Kiwis to forget about Three Waters, and matters involving co-governance — at least until after the election

If we can mobilise our supporters, the Government won’t get away with not talking about these terrible policies before the election.

Only with your support, can we force the issues back onto the agenda – giving opposition parties more confidence to commit to scrapping both within the first 100 days of a new Government.