from the Taxpayers Union

Dust off your bow bow tie, grab your ball gown from the drycleaner, and get ready for the 6th annual red carpet Jonesie Waste Awards to be hosted at Parliament next month.

Our lovable swine intern and friendly mascot, Porky the Waste-hater will join an expert panel and nominate five of the very worst examples of government greed, grift, and gluttonous waste across each of local and central government.

What are the Jonesie Waste Awards? The Jonesie Waste Awards is an unapologetic yet tongue-in-cheek recognition of the most memorable acts of government waste, excessive regulation, and inefficiency. It’s an opportunity to hold those in power to account for their actions and bring attention to the issues that matter most.

Click here to watch last year’s Jonesies Awards!

The time has come to nominate individuals, civil servants, government agencies, and politicians who have showcased the most egregious examples of government waste in the categories of Local Government, Central Government, and Lifetime Achievement.  On the 17th of August, The Taxpayers’ Union will host these awards, live from Parliament. Click here to submit your nominations for this year’s awards.

Don’t wait too long! All nominations must be submitted by Thursday the 10th of August 2023.

Thank you for your support. 

The Guru Gateway would be Kapiti Council’s contender at $1.5 million wasted, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Labour government’s waste.