Some more sensible people in NATO must be wondering if it was actually a good idea to supply long range missiles to cocaine-head ‘Moar Mahney’ Zelensky.

The office of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio “Global Boiling” Guterres has condemned a series of drone attacks on Moscow and called for an end to “any and all attacks on civilian facilities.” 

Russia has blamed the “terrorist strikes” on Ukraine, and Kiev has heavily suggested that it was responsible.“We are against any and all attacks on civilian facilities and we want them to stop,” Guterres’ deputy spokesman, Farhan Haq, told reporters on Monday.

Haq spoke a day after multiple unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs) were intercepted over Moscow’s financial district, with debris from the downed craft damaging two skyscrapers and injuring one person.

One of the same buildings was damaged again on Tuesday, when one of three incoming UAVs was electronically jammed and veered off course into the glass facade of the tower, according to Russian authorities.