Buy What You Believe
Are you tired of ‘Progressive’ Corporate America pushing policies that further divide Americans while eroding the future of the American dream? It’s prominent all over the country — corporations pressuring their employees to conform to Woke DEI policies; coffee companies strong-arming their customers to support abortion; banks canceling customers for their political views; or beer companies forcing gender ideology on you when all you want is to enjoy a beer. What are your purchases actually funding?

Thankfully, with the PublicSq. Marketplace, you don’t have to fund these companies any longer with your hard-earned dollars. PublicSq. is an app and website where you can get connected to tens of thousands of businesses from all different industries that share your value for life, family, and freedom. Whether you’re looking to buy coffee, find a new brand of athletic apparel that knows what a woman is, shop for household essentials, or simply find a new restaurant in your community that won’t lecture you about your political views, is your resource.

PublicSq. also offers discounts to many high-quality businesses on the platform so that you can actually receive incentives for spending money with companies that don’t hate you!The best part of all, PublicSq. is free to join for consumers and business owners alike! To get started, simply visit our website or download the PublicSq. app from the App Store or Google Play.

Is there any equivalant in NZ?