by Gary Moller


In this article, we explore the implications of the Therapeutic Products Legislation for New Zealand, from a GE and GMO perspective, and why it’s critical that NZ First is part of the next government to protect our future.

  • The Therapeutic Products Legislation threatens to open the floodgates for the fast-tracking of hundreds of mRNA drugs.
  • A new drug may take as long as 10 years of research, including safety trials, at a cost of a billion dollars, and the majority never make it to market.
  • The experience with the COVID mRNA is that this technology is far from healthy and definitely far from safe.
  • I’ll explain what you can do about this.


In the hearts of many New Zealanders lies a shared aspiration: to see their country thrive as a global leader in organic agriculture, a GE-Free haven producing top-quality goods.However, hidden amidst the Therapeutic Products Legislation lurks a growing fear: could this law pave the way for rapid and widespread genetic engineering, compromising our dreams? Is the true purpose of this legislation for the fast-tracking of dugs that will never survive the rigours of clinical trials?

The Death of Natural Health

The TPA may signal the end of natural health practitioners and the remaining New Zealand-owned supplement companies, giving free range for Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Food, Big Agriculture and Big Chemical. After all, how many Kiwi businesses and practitioners are there who are willing to risk a five-year jail term, a two million dollar fine, and the confiscation of their assets? The legal fees alone of defending oneself may be hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they’ll face several years of being shut down from doing their business.

For the big multinationals, a fine of two million bucks is pocket-money. None of their directors will go to jail. As this legislation kicks in, they’ll make millions more — if not billions — because consumers will be forced to buy supplements from them, or have no other health option than to take their drugs, so this legislation is a good scheme for them.

The Trojan Horse of Genetic Engineering

The concern is palpable. The legislation seems to pave the way for wholesale genetic engineering, including mRNA treatments for plants, animals, and humans, through the backdoor. If this is true, it signals a bleak future, where New Zealand’s identity is tethered to commodity industries, forever competing on low price rather than quality.

Moreover, recent experiences with COVID mRNA vaccines underscore the potential hazards of this technology. Yet, the legislation could open the floodgates for a rush of mRNA drugs and GMOs with insufficient safety checks. Here’s why:

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