— Amid Resource Wars for $270 trillion Global refit

from Snoopman News

Feudalian Slip: BlackRock Australasia head, Mr Landman said, “For BlackRock, this is the first time we’ve done a country-specific op, er, initiative, like this”

The stealthy signing of a partnership deal between BlackRock and New Zealand’s Government sets the South Pacific nation on a course to test out how a small, English-speaking, developed Western country copes with full immersion into a net-zero carbon energy economy. Amid the controversy, Kiwis are baited to argue with ‘left-right’ lines, despite the moated South Pacific archipelago’s long casting as the world’s premiere test facility for political strategies, social engineering, and new technologies.

Former Auckland Star paperboy, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, locates the $2 billion climate infrastructure fund to finance New Zealand’s transition therapy to 100 percent renewable electricity, as a stepping stone to a ‘yellow-brick-big-data-road’. New Zealand’s very own Snoopman not only sketches this future of doom, complete with green sustainable development rhetoric for investment in infrastructure, hi-tech systems, and governance structures — to achieve permanent social control.

This dispatch is also a big picture view on how de-carbonization fits into a techno-feudalist paradigm, amid the ongoing Third Hundred Years’ War to forge a universal empire. The grand chessboard game involves inflicting ‘managed conflict’ with the application of a ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ social engineering to cause clashes between two opposing ideologically-driven forces, so that a ‘synthesis’, or a desired final solution, is created. The idea is to use the crises to forge a fusion of capitalism and communism to control populations. This hybrid totalitarian system is, I contend, techno-feudalism.

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