A number of African nations want to leave the U.S./Europe fold — quelle horreur!

From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

Russia has made a generous offer to Africa with its grain. Though that is a good start, it is only half the work.

Although Field Marshall Rommel’s Afrika Korps gained a reputation for fighting a “war without hate”, NATO’s Afrika Korps can claim no such garland as Niger shows they are the scum of the earth. If a Nazi comparison is needed, think Reinhard Heydrich, rather than Rommel or Kesselring.

Consider Emanuela Del Re, who is the European Union’s Special Representative (EUSR) for the Sahel. This tramp gloats that her Niger sanctions mean “there is not enough medicine, food, electricity” in Niger and that Niger must suffer more pain until they come to heel.

To put this reincarnated Madeleine Albright into perspective, Niger is the world’s second poorest country and is third last on the WHO’s HDI. Because it is currently a disaster with or without sanctions, Niger’s patriotic army officers have decided to go for broke, to strike for their people’s freedom or die in the attempt.

NATO’s Afrika Korps are having none of it and no sooner had the dust settled on this coup than France resurrected its ISIS bogeyman on Niger’s borders and Del Re, Albright 2.0, was boasting of all the Nigérienne babies her sanctions murdered.

Gold-rich Uganda, meanwhile, is under attack because this tropical paradise is a cold house for homosexuals and minor attracted people of European extraction. Because of this, the World Bank is denying further financing to Uganda, which was a black spot at the height of the AIDS plague. Unless Uganda allows its children to be sodomised, it seems the World Bank will refuse them their mafia loans, which has kept it on a leash since Britain granted it nominal independence in 1962.

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