by Geoffrey Churchman

Yesterday he announced the government was removing the final Covid-19 pandemic public health restrictions, around three-and-a-half years after the first was put in place.

Since September last year the only remaining restrictions have been for people with Covid to isolate for seven days, as well as the requirement for visitors to wear face masks in certain healthcare facilities.

The changes came into effect at 12.01am today.

The MSM presenters of 1News and Newshub last night seemed regretful, which is no surprise — they and unquestioning Labour /Green Party followers have thoroughly enjoyed being ‘Karens’, particularly in regard to the useless face nappies. What are they going to seize on as a replacement now?

Wellington’s best known public drunk at the head of this group of virtue signallers outside the Cenotaph, in reality demonstrating their fascist credentials.