More than 870 types of military gear seized by Russian forces over the past year are on display.

Hundreds of pieces of heavy military equipment seized by Russian troops during the campaign against Ukraine have been put on display as part of a massive open-air exhibition just outside of Moscow. Visitors are able to view both Ukrainian-made weapons and those provided to Kiev by the West.Videos published in Russian media showed dozens of trophy weapons lined up at the ‘Patriot Park’ venue located west of the Russian capital. The exhibition is part of the international military and technical forum ‘Army-2023’.

The Russian Defense Ministry, which organized the event, said the exhibition includes everything from American M-113 armored personnel carriers and Swedish CV90-40’s to French wheeled AMX-10RCR tanks and Australian Bushmaster armored vehicles.

Separately, in the indoor pavilion, the exposition “Promised Alliance” was presented, which tells about the ideological work that has been carried out in recent years with Ukrainian youth. Among the samples are school textbooks, clothes with nationalist slogans, a peculiar menu of bars and catering establishments, as well as symbols of the Azov terrorist battalion.

Russia has repeatedly warned the West against sending weapons to Kiev, arguing that it would only prolong the conflict. Officials in Moscow have also sounded the alarm that arms provided to Kiev often eventually end up in the hands of organized criminals groups and terrorists across the globe.

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