from the NZ First website

  1. New Zealand First will not form a government with the Labour Party, whether in Coalition or as a Confidence and Supply partner.
  2. There will be no change to the age of eligibility for Superannuation under New Zealand First.
  3. Under New Zealand First vaccine mandates will end.
  4. Under New Zealand First, we will change all of the woke virtue signaling names of every government department back to English — back to what they were before the academics from university sociology departments started this madness a few years ago.
  5. Under New Zealand First, we will meet St John funding demands, we will ensure Plunket is funded to do their job properly, we will fund Mike King’s Gumboot Friday charity.  We will ensure Rescue Helicopters and Surf Lifesaving NZ are properly funded.
  6. We will ensure Pharmac has more funds to get the medication to the people that need it most – but the first thing we are going to do is sort Pharmac out – they will concentrate on performance not puffery.
  7. Under New Zealand First, if you commit a crime and are part of a gang it will be law that it is an automatic aggravating factor in your sentencing.
  8. In addition, if you assault a First Responder — police officer, paramedic, firefighter or corrections officer in the course of their duty, there will be an automatic six-month minimum mandatory prison sentence.
  9. New Zealand First will repeal the Therapeutic Products Act
  10. New Zealand First will designate gangs ‘Terrorist Entities’ under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2022.
  11. New Zealand First will invest $100m into transmission upgrades as a means to enable economic growth.
  12. New Zealand First will collaborate with local council to develop the Dargaville Aerodrome.
  13. We support a Waste to Energy plant to be located in Northland in place of the Dome Valley rubbish dump.
  14. We support moving the Ports of Auckland operations to Northport and establishing a Naval base in the area.
  15. We will take GST off basic foods including fresh food, vegetables, meat, dairy, and fish.
  16. We will establish a dedicated gang prison to minimise prison recruitment of non gang members.
  17. We will ensure tax income brackets are adjusted to inflation.
  18. We will provide tax incentives to promote added value. 
  19. Get people, who have spent years on the dole, back to work.
  20. New Zealand First is going to restore education and stop indoctrination by removing gender ideology from the curriculum, especially from primary school. 
  21. New Zealand First will fund residential care for the aged. 
  22. We will establish a drydock in Northport to supplement plans to expand Northport and establishing a Naval base.
  23. New Zealand First will connect the railway to Marsden Point and Northport from the Northern Main Trunk line
  24. Ensure a full scale, wide ranging, independent, one year inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts, into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand, including covering:
    • Use of multiple lockdowns,
    • Vaccine procurement and efficacy,
    • The social and economic impacts on both regional and national levels, and
    • Whether the decisions made, and steps taken, were justified.

      This inquiry must not be run by Parliament, nor be restricted and narrow in its scope.  This must be a public and wide-ranging inquiry – so that New Zealanders will know the truth and be properly informed.
  25. New Zealand First will provide a four lane highway alternate for the Brynderwyns
  26. New Zealand First is announcing a policy to prepare a bid to hold the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch.
    • Last week Victoria pulled out of the commonwealth games in 2026, as did Alberta for the 2030 games. The Commonwealth comprises 56 countries – far more than half of a majority in the UN. 
    • Using the fiscal planning of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, which ran at a profit, we could rightly ask the Commonwealth for financial help, and have the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch – as we once did in 1974. 
    • It is an opportunity to showcase Christchurch and the South Island to the Commonwealth and the rest of the world. Organised properly, along the lines of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, it won’t be a cost, but a benefit, with a levelling up of Infrastructure and Employment for the Canterbury Region.
  27. New Zealand First is calling for a referendum in this year’s election, for an immediate start of a four-year parliamentary term beginning in 2023.
    • One of New Zealand’s problems is that unlike most democracies, our parliamentary term is too short. And New Zealand First believes it should be four years, not three.
    • However, that should not be the decision of political parties, but you the New Zealand voter.
    • Governments are hardly election when too much of the time is campaign and not fixing up the country’s problems and creating a better future.
    • A simple Bill can be submitted to parliament next week and pass all readings before the rise of parliament this term.
  28. Repeal newly implemented ‘National Policy Statement” (NPS)indigenous biodiversity,
    • The NPS took legal effect on August 7th with vague and open to interpretation references. It institutes co-governance and Tangata Whenua consensus decision making into environmental law. This major shift in our law threatens our primary sector.
    • The NPS is a major setback for all land-based industries including mining, and fails to give equal weighting to economic, ecological, social, and cultural factors.
    • It will undermine investment and hobble the ability for farmers to operate unless they get permission from local government. Regional towns and households will suffer, as environmental activists and ongoing litigation stall farming, mining, and overall efficiency.
    • New Zealand First will repeal the NPS and to give farmers back their flexibility, to adjust their activities, to maximise economic value. No one especially farmers, or for that matter Māori on the land, voted for Tangata Whenua co-governance in our Resource management act.
  29. Commitment to Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter: New Zealand First will oppose any idea of closure and keep Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter open.
    • New Zealand First will commit to a 20-year agreement with Tiwai Point, with a 10-year review, for a fair electricity cost for the smelter based on the cost of  supply and a respectable margin.
    • Ensure that New Zealand procurement priority applies to our aluminium and not give preference to junk aluminium coming from offshore.
  30. Stewart Island Salmon Farm – exempt aquaculture from the ‘Coastal Policy Statement 2010’:
    • New Zealand First will, with protections, to exempt aquaculture from the 2010 Coastal Policy Statement – which has been stopping progress and development of a much-needed aquaculture industry.
    • The salmon farm off Stewart Island will proceed and create jobs and wealth for the region and New Zealand.
  31. New Zealand First will ensure no men are in women’s spaces or sports
    1. Public Bathrooms and Changing Rooms: We will pass legislation to ensure that all new public organisations that provide publicly used facilities, including in areas of sport, education or commercially, must provide separate, clearly demarcated, unisex and single sex bathrooms. In addition, all current provision of publicly used facilities will not allow anyone access to facilities which are designed for the opposite sex use.
    2. Public Funding for Sports: We will pass legislation to ensure any publicly funded sporting body that does not have an exclusive biological female category, where ordinarily appropriate, shall be immediately ineligible for any public funding.
  32. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
    • The National/Act/Māori Party signed up to UNDRIP in 2010 – that obligated a response from government in 2019 – the starting point and origin of the He Puapua report – which was deceitfully hidden from New Zealand First by Labour, and released publicly a month after the 2020 election.
    • If New Zealand First had seen that final report then we would have rejected UNDRIP, as we did in 2007.
    • UNDRIP and He Puapua are race-based preference, imposed on us not by the UN, but by New Zealand politicians from every other party continuing to agree to it. It threatens our constitution and democracy.
    • New Zealand First will formally withdraw New Zealand from UNDRIP, and its imposed race-based obligations, and restore our country’s constitutional sovereignty and democracy.
    • Pulling out of UNDRIP will consign He Puapua to the rubbish bin of racism.
  33. English as an Official Language
    • New Zealand First will introduce in parliament’s first sitting week, legislation to make English an official language of New Zealand.
    • Amazingly, few people know that English is not even an official language of New Zealand. There are currently only two official languages.  Māori, and Sign Language.
    • Being that we are an English-speaking country, it is bizarre, but this is how far this extremism has taken our country.