Hawaii has long been among the [safest] of states for Democrats. No doubt most Hawaiian citizens voted for Biden. That may be changing.

Hawaiians, particularly those on the island of Maui, are not happy with Joe. First he insulted them by coldly stating ‘no comment’ after the devastating fire in Lahaina. At the time, Joe was enjoying still yet another vacation on a beach in Delaware. Joe’s ‘no comment’ period stretched a full week, and then another week passed before outrage forced him to travel to our 50th state.

Biden actually made lame jokes including one about the ground underneath his feet being ‘hot, man!’ He proposed giving burned-out residents $700 and tied it to even more billions of taxpayer dollars being sent to Ukraine. Then, perhaps in some effort to ‘connect’ with the residents, Biden spewed his lie about almost losing his wife to a kitchen fire. Thank goodness she was saved by a fireman—along with his cat and rare Corvette! This was an ugly insult to those who lost everything—including children.

Biden’s motorcade was met with well-deserved curse words and stiff middle digits erupting from citizens on the island. Aloha, Joe.

— Ben Garrison