You’ve probably seen the full scale attack on Christopher Luxon this morning across print, billboards, and online media by the Council of Trade Unions (CTU). We understand an American-style, personal, TV attack ad is set to be launched tonight too.

This feels a lot like the dirty tactics of 2005

Six weeks out from the 2005 election Don Brash looked set to become Prime Minister. But a similar union-led personal smear campaign scare campaign saw Helen Clark win. 

Back then, Labour and the unions even sent letters to Housing NZ tenants on National Party letterheads telling tenants that they’d be evicted if Don Brash became Prime Minister.

On Saturday, Helen Clark told the Labour faithful that they have won from behind before. It is clear that they are going to use the same smear tactics all over again.

Labour, Greens, and the Māori Party will stop at nothing to ensure there isn’t a change of Government.

National has called out these dirty tricks for what they are. But incredibly, Chris Hipkins cited the Taxpayers’ Union (and held up some of our ads to the press pack) to justify the CTU’s ad hominem attacks!

Chris Hipkins

Unlike this effort by Labour/the CTU, the Taxpayers’ Union campaigns on policy – not personal attacks.

Here’s the front page of this morning’s NZ Herald:

CTU attack ad

And here are the advertisements Chris Hipkins literally held up at his press conference trying to justify the CTU’s attack ads. 

Our advertisement on Grant Robertson’s tax hikes:

Tax D-Day

And our advert on the Labour Government’s bills to introduce ‘Central Planning Committees’:

Stop Central Planning Committees

Or this Three Waters advert that Chris Hipkins described as is a ‘pretty nasty, despicable personal attack’ on Nanaia Mahuta:

3 Waters

We make no apology for working hard to hold Chris Hipkins and his Government to account. But we will continue to lead with policy, not ad hominem personal attacks.

And unlike the Labour Party affiliate unions, the Taxpayers’ Union does not work with the National Party (or any other party!) in planning our campaigns.

Chris Hipkins doesn’t like you holding him to account

Our national debt figures are alarming, the economy is tanking, our current account deficit has hit crisis levels, and our projected growth figures are literally the worst in the developed world. That’s why the CTU/Labour are trying to distract voters.

Now we have no option but to go toe-to-toe with Labour’s well funded unions.

>> Stand up to Labour’s desperate negative and personal politics <<

With your help, we can hold Chris Hipkins to account on policy and his Government’s actions –and not let them distract voters with personalised smear campaigns.

Unlike the CTU, our record speaks for itself. Under the National Key/English Government, we were just as principled in fighting for our mission. If the Government changes, you can count on us to hold a National/ACT Government to account just as vigorously. The CTU certainly can’t say they hold Labour to account!

Our work is made possible by those like you who choose to support our campaigns – whereas the CTU is picking the pockets of union members who have to pay union dues but don’t necessarily dislike Mr Luxon.

Unlike the CTU, the facts are on our side. We don’t need to, and won’t rely on, ad hominem attacks.

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I hope we can count on your support.

Jordan Williams
Executive Director
New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

By indulging in typical personal attacks rather than address issues, Labour and their cronies may find their campaign backfires on them. —Eds